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PP fabric bag | 90x130cm | coated | with closure tape

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The PP fabric bag 90x130cm coated:

The material from which this fabric bag is made is white. PP in this case stands for polypropylene fabric. This fabric is standardly used for big bags or plate bags. You now get the particularly strong and tear-resistant properties of this fabric also as a flat bag or garbage bag.

The coating on the fabric makes it more dust impermeable and stable. Thus, the PP fabric bag 90x130cm coated is also suitable for the transport of angular, sharp-edged and heavy materials such as stones, sand, soil and more. suitable. Of course, the PP woven bag 90x130cm is also used for waste disposal or recycling.

The PP woven bag has no imprint, so it can be used universally. However, if you need a fabric bag for asbestos or mineral wool, we recommend our fabric bags with appropriate printing. You can find these fabric bags respectively in the



Mineral wool bags


In order to close this fabric bag particularly easily, a closure band is attached to the fabric bag. Simply close and knot and the contents can no longer escape from the PP woven bag 90x130cm.


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