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Plate bag asbestos | 260x125x45cm

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If you want to use a stronger crane or pack larger quantities more effectively, the plate bag Asbestos XL, 260x125x45cm with a load capacity (SWL) of 1500 kg is a good choice. The main advantage here is the larger filling volume.

The plate bag asbestos XL, 260x125x45cm is coated and has 4 lifting loops on 2 circumferential straps. Due to them, the plate bag asbestos XL is more tear-resistant in contrast to the normal big bag. (In our DESABLOG learn more about the safety of our plate bags).

Furthermore, the plate bag asbestos XL has a 3-sided skirt + lid and a closed bottom.

Carcinogenic fibers can be released during the remediation of asbestos. It is therefore important to always properly pack asbestos sheets in sheet bags. The plate bag Asbest XL meets the requirements of TRGS 519 and is equipped with an asbestos warning print.



Plattenbags often have one SWL (Safe Working Load) of 1500kg and one SF (Safety Factor) of 5: 1. This means that the Record bag with at least 1500kg (4.5 tons!) Can be loaded. With a specific weight of 0.8 t / m³ for asbestos, up to 3 plate bags (1³ = 0.8 t) can be lifted one above the other in practice.
(The maximum length of the asbestos sheets should not exceed 250 cm)


Disposal with DESABAU:

Use the services of our Disposal partner DESABAU and leave asbestos and mineral wool Dispose of hazardous substances quickly, cheaply and safely . Thanks to the efficient DreckPack® concept, our Big bags for asbestos and mineral wool can be picked up from you at low cost – Alternatively, your own delivery is of course also possible. Use the DreckPack® configurator today the estimated costs for your special waste or contact the disposal experts at DESABAU.


How many layers of asbestos sheets fit into the sheet bag Asbestos XL?

In the plate bag asbestos XL, 260x125x45cm you can pack approx. 30 layers on top of each other . Due to the different sizes of the plates, it can never be said exactly how many asbestos plates fit into one plate bag. Please note the following packing scheme when packing the asbestos sheet!


This is how asbestos sheets are properly packed

Please ensure that your asbestos sheets are packed correctly. Otherwise the asbestos plate bags cannot be driven off.

Corrugated eternit sheets must never be stacked as towers in asbestos sheet bags. As a result, the sack has no stability and cannot be lifted.

Plate bag asbestos XL DESABAG




Corrugated eternit sheets must always be placed in the asbestos sheet bags with an offset:

Plate bag asbestos XL DESABAG




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