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PE side gusseted sack M | 90+60x180cm | translucent | PU 25 pieces

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PE side gusseted sack M, 90+60x180cm, translucent, LDPE type80

Size M, packing unit 25 pieces

About DESA Group:

The mix of service and trade was the vision when the companies were founded more than 26 years ago.

Today we can say that this vision has become our reality. Four companies with four locations of the DESA group of companies. The vision from back then is still extremely important to us today and represents the basis for our values. At its foundation, in the 90s, there were two aspects to this vision. On the one hand, the financial aspect. After all, establishing and maintaining a company involves some costs. The capital generated from the service could be invested directly in trading.

Vision in practice

The second aspect, and still so important today, is the professional one. Our range of services is characterized by the competence to react to laws, and resulting problems for the user, and to create solutions. This knowledge can and could be implemented in the trade directly into the development of new, and improvements of existing products. This creates the ideal, legally compliant environmental protection packaging for our customers – and competitors – to put these solutions into practice. A unique combination for environmental protection!

DESABAG GmbH is a direct importer for big bags and sheet bags, flat bags and film bags such as the PE side gusseted bag M as well as work protection articles such as mouth and nose protection. We are a modern and efficient company in the field of waste disposal. Innovative, ecologically and economically sound concepts for the proper handling and disposal of environmentally harmful waste are very important to us. DESABAU GmbH is a certified waste management company, specialized in the disposal of contaminated waste with innovative vehicle technology and customer- as well as environmentally friendly processes.

Environmental protection and 20 years of experience connects our two independent GmbH’s: DESABAG GmbH and DESABAU GmbH.
Following the motto “Commitment to environmental protection”, our innovative and experienced team strives every day to process impulses from waste management services and trade for the benefit of ALL. In our group of companies, commercial products are tested for quality and functionality. Products are constantly adapted to the latest legal requirements. New trends or requirements are recognized promptly and transformed into innovative products and concepts.

DESA, through the synergies created, makes the term “Circular Economy” common not only in theory but also in practice. In this way, we make a sustainable difference by finding solutions so that the legal requirements for recycling quotas are actually implemented. Not only the waste materials collected in the BigBag, but also the BigBag itself, is converted into recycled material.

“As a direct importer, we develop and distribute big bags, sheet bags, container bags, flat bags, film bags such as the PE side gusseted bag M and work protection articles. Besides the large stock assortment of standard big bags, we also offer the production of customized big bags. Our big bags also meet the requirements of TRGS 519 and 521 for the disposal of asbestos and mineral wool, respectively.”
Trust our competence and order the PE side gusseted bag M from DESABAG.

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