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Containerbag | 37cbm | 650x240x240cm

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For large quantities of mineral wool (KMF) or asbestos, a container bag such as e.g. the container bag asbestos / mineral wool 37cbm (650x240x240cm) an.

Asbestos disposal in container bag asbestos/ mineral wool 37cbm:

This container bag with its 37m³ volume is particularly well suited for efficient asbestos disposal.

Mineral wool disposal in container bag asbestos/ mineral wool 37cbm:

Due to the low weight of the mineral wool, you can use the maximum filling quantity in the container, which results in lower transport costs compared to disposal in individual KMF bags. Now, if you want to dispose of large quantities of mineral wool in KMF bags, they are usually transferred to containers. In the process, the KMF bags are often compacted, whereby there is a risk that PE bags, for example, are damaged in the process and mineral fiber is released. The container bag offers additional safety here and creates a problem-free receipt at the landfill.

The container bag asbestos/mineral wool, 37m³ has a 3-sided skirt, a lid, a coating, a closed bottom and holding and closing straps, but no lifting loops.



A container bag has no lifting loops as it is designed exclusively for lining a container.
Before disposing of mineral wool in container bags, check with your landfill to see if they can accept container bags of this size (17m³ – 43m³). Also, be sure to properly unload the container bag at the landfill.





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