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Standard Big Bag | 80x95x100cm | 1.000 kg | air permeable

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Air-permeable Big Bag 80x95x100 cm: The Optimal Choice for Ventilation during Transport and Storage

The air-permeable Big Bag with dimensions 80x95x100 cm proves to be an excellent solution for safe transportation and efficient storage of various materials, especially those where sufficient ventilation is of high importance. Especially for wood or other material sensitive goods, this big bag provides the ideal environment to ensure the quality and integrity of the materials during transportation and storage. In this article you will learn why the air-permeable big bag in the above dimensions is the right choice.

Stability and resilience

An outstanding feature of this big bag is its impressive load capacity of 1,000 kg (SWL SF: 5:1), which makes it extremely stable and resilient. Whether it’s lumber, textiles, or other air-permeable goods, this Big Bag handles the challenge with ease. Thanks to its design and material quality, it can easily carry heavy loads as well as remain stable during transportation, which ensures the safety of the load.

Practical handling

The Big Bag is equipped with four sturdy lifting loops and two bottom loops, which make transport and emptying immensely easier. The lifting loops allow easy lifting and positioning of the big bag, while the bottom loops are specially designed for speedy emptying. These practical features ensure smooth handling of the big bag and save valuable time during loading and unloading processes.

Properties of the air permeable big bag

The Big Bag has a number of features that make it the optimal choice for air-permeable goods:

  1. Two bottom loops for emptying: The two bottom loops allow easy and controlled emptying of the big bag. This is especially important to place the content precisely where it is needed.
  2. Air-permeable fabric to prevent waterlogging: The air-permeable fabric of the big bag contributes to the effective ventilation of the stored or transported goods. This prevents waterlogging, which can be harmful to sensitive material such as wood.
  3. Mesh fabric: The mesh fabric used not only provides the necessary ventilation, but also offers sufficient stability to hold the load securely. It prevents smaller parts from slipping through and thus ensures protected transport.

The choice of the load

The load capacity of the big bag should be carefully matched to the materials to be transported. Factors such as the total weight, the size, the shape and the specific dead weight of the individual parts play a decisive role. For filling the air-permeable Big Bag 80x95x100 cm with air-permeable goods such as wood, a load capacity of 1,000 kg (SWL SF: 1:5) is recommended.


The air-permeable Big Bag 80x95x100 cm undoubtedly represents the optimal choice when it comes to safe transportation and efficient storage of air-permeable materials. Its high load capacity, practical handling properties and air-permeable fabric make it an indispensable tool in various fields of application. Regardless of individual requirements, this big bag offers peace of mind that your valuable cargo will remain protected and in top condition. If you are unsure about the optimal load capacity, our experts will be happy to assist you. Contact us at +49 2771/360 100 to find the best solution for your needs.



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